Poop Scoop FAQS

Q:  Goose Poop, my yard is full of it!  Do Jibber Gear Pooper Scoopers work to pick up goose poop?
A:  ABSOLUTELY!  Jibber Gear Poop Scoopers work great for cleaning up Goose Poop.  Many of our customers from Minnesota originally bought the Poop Scooper for their dog and end up using them also for Goose Poop from the wild geese that inhabit their yards.  The tines on a Jibber Gear Pooper Scooper are perfectly spaced to handle Goose waste. 

Q: Does a Jibber Gear Pooper Scooper work well in grass?                                                                                            
A: Yes it was designed specifically for grass. The tines glide through the grass and lift the poop right out of the grass. It works equally well in sand, wood chips and small gravel like pea rock.  It is the perfect utility lawn tool.

Q: Why Choose a Jibber Gear pooper scooper over all the other pooper scoopers?
A: Jibber Gear scoops are designed for EVERYONE.  From poop scooping service professionals to pet owners and dog handlers - the best pooper scooper is made by Jibber Gear! There are no gimmicks with a Jibber Gear scooper. They are fast, heavy duty, agile and very efficient in all types of terrain. There are no special bags to continually buy and have on-hand. They do not have gimmick devices like flashlights built into them.

Q: Will a Jibber Gear Pooper Scooper reduce my scooping time?
A: Yes it will, we have had many comments from customers regarding how it greatly reduced their spring poop clean-up. Because of the long handle and extended reach, you can cover a greater area faster and there is no more bending over. Also the mini pitch fork head design is fast and efficient with clean lifts from the grass. There is no rolling and smearing the poop in the grass. No more trying to grab the poop, only to have it fall from your grabber aparatus.

Q: Are Jibber Gear Pooper Scoopers built to last? 
A: Yes, Jibber Gear Pooper scoopers are made from the highest quality materials. The heads are welded and made of solid construction using heavy-duty steel. The 48-inch handle is hardwood it is a steel lanyard with a stainless steel Jibber Gear Tag. Jibber Gear Pooper Scoopers will last a very long time if taken care of.

Q: What happens if my Jibber Gear Pooper Scooper breaks?
A: Send us an email from our contact page telling us what happened and how it happened and we will do our best to get you up and scooping again ASAP!

Q: Where can I buy Jibber Gear Pooper Scoopers?
A: Jibber Gear Pooper Scoopers are available at www.PoopScoopUSA.com and at numerous online retailers, Amazon, EBay and Etsy. 

Q: What size dog poop will the Jibber Gear Pooper Scoopers work for?
A: Good question, if you can see it, you can scoop it - –any poop from miniature poodles and to Great Danes. The Scooper head on a Jibber Gear Scooper is perfectly designed in relation to width of the scoop head and space between the tines. Yes, they can handle even small poop.

Q: How long does it take to get my Jibber Gear Pooper scooper?
A: We use United States Parcel Post flat rate shipping. It is the most cost effective method we have found to ship the Scoopers. The box is long and we need to keep shipping affordable for our customers. We ship from the midwest, a very central location and it takes about 5 business days to reach the areas farthest from us. If you''re closer, it will arrive sooner. The Scoopers come fully assembled and ready to work!

Q: The handle of the Jibber Gear Pooper Scooper seems a little small!
A: In designing the Jibber Gear Pooper Scoopers we considered all handle sizes. We settled on 3/4 inch diameter because it was the best for lightness, control and general feel and control of the scooper. Important: HOW TO HOLD THE JIBBER GEAR POOPER SCOOPER - The handle should be lightly gripped, not squeezed like a spade or a baseball bat. The long handle should flow through your hand (lightly gripped) and ride or rest under your forearm for leverage. This gives the greatest amount of control over the scoop. The Scoops are very ergonomically designed to be comfortable to hold, effective and fun to use!

Q: A long handled pooper scooper is genius!  How did you choose that?
A: Long-handled tools for poop scooping are much easier to use and especially for people with back problems.  We tested various lengths and found the perfect fit!

Q: What do I do when I skewer the poop and it's stuck to end of my Scooper?
A: Dump what you can in your pail, put the Scooper head on the ground and pull it backward through the grass. This will pull the poop off the end and then just scoop it up and dump it in the pail.

Q: How often do I need to scoop my backyard?
A: Well, that depends on the size of your dog and number of dogs. But a good rule of thumb is every 3-5 days! Using your Jibber Gear Pooper Scooper is fun and you will enjoy and appreciate it!

Q: What should I use for a waste container?
A: I like to use a five-gallon pail with a 13-gallon trash liner in it. I hold the pail in my left hand and Scooper in my right and go to town. I walk back and forth across the lawn at about 10-foot spacings and it takes me no time at all to do the entire backyard.

Q: Do you have any tips on how to fix the burn marks (dead spots) in my lawn from my dog's poop and pee?
A: Yes I can help you with that. This is an easy fix and will have grass up and growing within 7 to 10 days. I usually fix the spots right after I mow the yard. First, I mow the lawn with the bagger on and gather some lawn clippings, and then I take a hand full of grass seed and spread over the burned or dead area. Then I rough up that area with a hard tined rake or one of those small four-tined cultivator tools. You could even use a hoe for this. Your Jibber Gear Pooper Scooper is not designed to be used as a lawn rake, so save it for your more precision work of scooping poop. After the spot has been seeded and roughed up a little I spread ½ to an inch of grass clippings over the freshly seeded area. I give it a little water with the hose and you are on your way for some very nice new grass. Depending where you live, the type of grass you have, time of season, you may have to water it once a day or every other day for the first week. You will be on your way to having a great looking lawn.