Hi - Thank you for your interest in my scoopers. My name is Jay and I handcraft pooper scoopers for people that LOVE their dogs. My life has always been filled with dogs - and more dogs. I can’t imagine a life without them. One minute they are making you laugh like crazy and the next they’re eating your new cell phone. But one thing is for sure - you will never be bored with a pupsker around.

When I was a young boy, we had a Norwegian Elkhound (Gretchen) - this was the early 1960’s. Then, when I was almost ten, we moved out to the country and things changed - we had lots of dogs. My Mother was a huge dog lover - the more, the merrier. But whether one or hundreds, there is always one thing sure about dogs… Poop! Yep…. lots of dog poop. At this early stage, I wasn’t focused on pooper scoopers. That didn’t come until about 30 years later. 

I grew up as a farm kid - mechanically inclined and always looking for the next thing. In the Mid 90s I went to work for a direct mail vitamin company in Fargo - I was there for 13 years. In that time I had introduced over 1400 new products, so I had gained a sense of product development.

In 2007, things changed and I was looking for something else. I started a handyman business which evolved into a snow and lawn service. One thing I always kept seeing at everyone’s home were these really poorly-made & poorly-designed pooper scoopers. They would be broken and twisted up just pieces of junk. 

Then one day my partner’s father brought me a pooper scooper that he needed fixed. It needed to be be brazed back together. No problem I told him. It was kind of a homemade looking thing but it was enough to inspire me. I fixed it and took it back to my parter and told her “I can out-do this thing”. At the time we had Chopper (aka Jibber) - he was the first Doberman we had together. My partner was using a small hand shovel at the time, and I would use a spade. We needed a new scooper.



This was back in about 2010, and I started prototyping pooper scoopers. The first ones were something else, not too good, but good enough to keep going. Then I came up with a prototype that was the origin of what I currently offer. It was much larger & too heavy but it worked very well. Ok, now to downsize and skinny it up. I began looking for all new materials and I was lucky enough to stumble on the right materials I could develop into the next design. It was a hit! It was pretty close to the current model I call The Natural. 

From the very onset, I knew what I wanted my scooper to look and feel like. When I was a kid, I spent a lot of time around farm equipment and tools. My scoopers had to have a feel of tradition and quality and most of all, they had to be effective. I wanted my scoopers to feel like and function like the tools that I had been around as a kid - built to last.  Something that would help pet owners with their lawn clean-up and maybe make them smile a little more while they do it. Most of all, I never wanted an unhappy customer. 

I have no employees and make each scooper in Fargo ND. All my materials are ordered from U.S suppliers and many of them are family-owned and operated.

If you ever have a question about my scoopers,  please do not hesitate to contact me.

Happy Scooping,




Jibber Gear LLC