Poop Scoops For The Lover Of Every Dog!

Why Should I Pickup My Dog’s Poop

The Jibber Gear Poop ScoopWater Pollution

Uncollected dog poop is the leading cause of water pollution, adding nutrients to the water that leads to algae blooms and high bacteria counts that can close beaches, lakes and swimming holes and lead to drinking water problems. Picking up your dog's poop with a tool like the Jibber Gear Pooper Scooper and disposing of it properly eliminates this problem.

Health Concerns

Dog Poop contains digested food along with all kinds of bacteria, some benign and some unhealthy, and it may contain parasites that can cause illness in humans, dogs and other animals. Along with all the brown spots, dog poop creates a unhealthy backyard environment. 

So, Scoop the Poop with a Jibber Gear Poop Scooper! It makes for a Greener Healthier Happier Environment!

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