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What to do with Dog Poop / Waste

The Jibber Gear Poop ScoopThere are three ways to get rid of dog poop, after you collect it from your yard with your Jibber Gear Poop Scoop:

  1. Dump The Dog Poop - Make sure it is in a plastic bag and dispose of it in your municipal garbage can.  This method will get the poop to the municipal dump.
  2. Flush The Dog Poop - You can flush it down the toilet. If you have small dogs living in a large metropolitan area this is most convenient. Make sure you use the bags that are made of water-soluble polyvinyl alcohol, which biodegrades into water and carbon dioxide when submerged.
  3. Bury The Dog Poop - Build a doggy toilet. With a fence post hole digger, dig a hole at least 5 feet deep and 1 foot wide. Add some small stones, a few inches deep in the bottom of the hole. If you don't have any groundwater, add 6-12 inches of water with a hose and then add a few days worth of dog poop. The poop will biodegrade naturally and will not affect your local water quality.

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