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The Everyday Poop Scoop By Jibber Gear

The Everyday Poop Scoop By Jibber Gear

Product Review (submitted on June 12, 2013):
My family recently moved from a 1/4 acre to a full acre yard and we had been using the traditional claw/clamp type scoop to pick up our dog's waste. In the smaller yard "The Claw" worked okay but sometimes left a mush mesh in the grass and with the yard being so small this increased our probability that our pup would track in the undesirable remnants into our carpet.

Well enough was enough I had to find a better way to clean our new yard so I decided to give the Jibber Gear Everyday scoop a try. What a difference, it scoops up the waste with little to no remnants left behind! Also, with a larger yard its easy to walk around with to find my dogs hidden packages.

I highly recommend this product and will now retire "The Claw" from service.

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