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Pet Poop Scoop

Caring for your Jibber Gear Pooper Scooper.....

Make It Last! If you take care of it, it will lead to long-time poop scooping nirvana.

We recommend treating your pooper scooper as you do your Ferrari, because it is just that special. BUT if you're like us and you don't own a Ferrari, here are a few tips for how to keep your Jibber Gear Pooper Scooper really nice....

The Everyday:

The handle may be re-coated every now and then with an exterior poly-urethane. The head may be recoated with a high-gloss spray enamel if you like it shiny.

The Natural:

The handle may be re-coated by wiping with teak oil once or twice per year. The head will show some patina, but a spray oil of WD-40 maintains a nice barrier.


Try to keep it indoors, out of the elements (water and mud) as much as possible.

The lanyard cable on the handle is intended for hanging the Pooper Scooper and keeping it in a neat and special place. Display it and love it - and tell your friends about it.


Don't use it as a pry-bar. It is intended for lifting dog poop out of grass, it's not made for prying frozen dog poop out of ice. It's not meant for chopping or hacking. Don't drive over it with your car. Most of all, don't tie your dog up to it and expect him to pick up after himself - he may chew the handle off of it.

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