Poop Scoops For The Lover Of Every Dog!

How To Pickup or Cleanup Dog Poop Waste

The Jibber Gear Poop Scoop

Tools Required:

  1. A good quality pooper scooper like the Jibber Gear Poop Scoop
  2. Five gallon plastic can with a handle
  3. Plastic bags to line can with (thirteen gallon garbage bags with a drawstring)
  4. Gloves
  5. Polarized sunglasses to cut down on glare and reflection.
  6. Hat with a brim
  7. Boots (Rubber slip-ons)

The Crisscross method to pickup dog waste

This is the most thorough method that works best for me and leaves a yard or lawn super clean. I hold the garbage can in my left hand and my Jibber Gear Poop Scoop in my right hand. Scooping it with my right hand and putting it in the pail. The extra long handle on the Jibber Gear Scoop gives me greater reaching distance - no bending over. The head angle is perfect and the tines give me a very clean scoop.

First I walk the yard from east to west, back and forth at about 8 foot spacing and pick up the poop. When I reach the end of the yard I give it about 8 feet over and go back the other way until I have covered the entire yard.

Once I have finished my east to west, I walk the yard from north to south doing the same thing again.

When I have finished walking the yard I gather my Poop filled bags make sure they are tied tight and dispose them in the city garbage can, or use a different disposal method.

Things to be aware of when picking up dog poop

Many dogs have patterns and preference on where they like to poop. If the yard is fenced some dogs like pooping right up against the fence. Other dogs may poop behind the garage. I have seen some dogs that like to poop around trees.   These areas become the hot spots to pay special attention to, because you will most likely miss a pile or two in these favorite areas.

Depending on the time of day, length of grass, color of poop, amount of leaves in the yard, how aware I am that day… All play a role in how well of a job I do picking up the poop. It is my goal to have a poop free yard. The Dogs are healthier and happier. A big part of their day is going outside and ravaging their yard and Poop Free makes it a much Better Day for them.

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