Poop Scoops For The Lover Of Every Dog!

Poop Scooping ServiceWE LOVE DOGS!

Dogs have always been a big part of our lives -
Our current Livestock - Chopper and Willow are our inspiration for (everything, really) product development and field testing. We were inspired by them to develop a Poop Scooping tool without gimmicks, one that would be made of real quality and actually function as a pooper scooper should.

Each pooper scooper is individually handcrafted by the owner of Jibber Gear, that means every step of the process to insure quality. We spent a year in product development, material selection and field testing.

Extra care was taken in developing the design with simplicity and perfecting the function to actually make a crummy job fun. If you must do it, it should be FUN, right?

You probably think you could never enjoy using a poop scoop - think again. You will seriously look forward to how easily and effortlessly the Jibber Gear Pooper Scooper takes care of dog poop. I can attest to this because every tool I have previously used was a DRAG. Other tools either smeared the poop into the grass which killed it and left brown spots in the yard, or the dog poop rolled off, dropped out, avoided the bag, or the list goes on...... making it a big challenge of who's going to win - you or the poop. I was never able to master all the gimmicky models with their various "techniques" - that got old. I complained and whined enough that the brains of the company fabricated a test model and after perfection and field testing, we now have the Jibber Gear Pooper Scooper. Buy with confidence, you will love it.

Now, about our inspiration department -

Chopper, aka Jibber is the namesake for Jibber Gear. He is the first Doberman we have together. He is our once-in-a-lifetime dog and most worthy of the his title as President for Jibber Gear. He is entertainment from the word go. He loves to have fun and is always a clown. Oh, and he can surgically remove a piece of chicken from your plate so carefully you'll never know he was even there.

You ask - what is Jibber? We'll get to that later....

Chopper's sidekick is Willow, aka The Stimp - she a dynamo on four paws. She can cover the entire perimeter of the backyard so swiftly, you never know she even left the step. She is stealth and very private about her bathroom habits, as every girl should be. You can always find her token in her secret place behind the garage.

The Doberman Gang had nothing on these two...

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