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The Natural Pooper Scooper
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   The Everyday Pooper Scooper
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Jibber Gear Scooper are guaranteed against breakage and manufacture defects for as long as you own your scooper. For full refund, replacement or repair return you pooper scooper to us. (Return shipping is not reimbursed).


Jibber Gear Pooper Scooper Reviews




Great design. Well Made.
I purchased this after reading a lot of reviews. I love it. It's sturdy, and very well made. I also love that I'm supporting a small business in America. The angle is great, you don't really have to bend over at all, and it doesn't damage the grass. Great pooper scooper!!  By Heather WJ. on August 25, 2015


"Very well made scooper.”   Satisfied customer, August 24, 2015


Best Scooper Ever!
You get what you pay for and this is the cadillac of pooper scoopers! Well worth the cost compared to the cheaper metal and plastic models on the market. I stopped using the cheap plastic ones with the squeeze grip because they are uncomfortable to grip especially if you have a smaller hand grip and they inevitably break. Eventually I went with the rake model and found most bent easily or the tines broke and the handles were either too short or all metal and not ergonomic at all. After 20 years as a dog owner and many woes in scooping poop, the Jibber Gear Pooper Scooper has finally solved all of my problems! The extra long, round wood handle is comfortable and works for all heights and hand grips. The angle of the scoop allows for quick pick up. Saving the best part of the review for last is the scoop itself! Solid is the one word I would use to describe it. It is solidly made and I can see this lasting for a very long time. The scoop size is great with the two side tines slightly raised as well as the back piece so nothing rolls off. Nothing but positive praise to sing about this product! My two dogs thank you because it is so very easy to keep their yard clean now.  By Mari8 on August 18, 2015 


Well Made
I purchased one of these a few days ago and i LOVE it!! Really great product from a excellent dealer. Thanks again Jibber!  By Sojourner on August 10, 2015


Well designed, Highly functional and VERY solidly made.
Great product... really, really well made (will keep doing its job for years to come). Have two golden doodles and this will help out immensely in keeping the dog pen clear of "mines". The working end of this product features strong metal tines securely welded to the frame and then attached with solid nut/bolt to the stick. Works great... easily picks up the poop, and is wide enough to keeps it in place for 'transportation' ... long stick keeps the poop far away. Will be buying more for friends / family with dogs.  By Guy A. B. on June 30, 2015


We love our new Jibber Gear pooper scooper!
It is So practical. We have two small dogs with small turds so this type of scooper makes it easier to pick up. My 6'2" hubby loves the long handle so no more stooping over. We also appreciate the high quality of the product. Thank you so much for creating such a helpful and quality product. Susanne, July 3, 2015


"This is the one to get for large dogs.”  Michael H., June 29, 2015


"Well worth the money" 
This is an excellent pooper scooper to use on grass. The best I have ever used. Would definitely buy again. Would recommend for any dog owner with a yard.”  Caroline K., June 21, 2015


Great Product
 I have owned this scooper for several months and I love it so much. My back no longer kills me after the daunting task of poop scooping'. I have tried and own many other products for this task but this is the Scooper I always use. By Macey on June 15, 2015.


After you try this.......
after you try this scooper, you'll never need another one. The best one I've had over 20 years of owning dogs. By Bobby ST on June 12, 2015.


I love that it even picks up wet loads
Prongs can be a bit to wide for puppy poop, but I love that it even picks up wet loads. I'm guessing the puppy poop will become larger as she ages! Would recommend to a friend...By Lori O. "Bflo Mom"on June 5, 2015


"Super fast delivery.
Looks exactly like what is in the picture. Seems sturdy. I haven't used it yet, 
but if it lifts mastiff poop, then it'll work for anyone." NurseSmartyPants, June 5, 2015


"Best "pooper scooper" ever!
My parents had one similar to this when I was growing up and I’ve
been looking for years. I've finally found it! Don't waste your money on a "claw" or shovel scoop.
This works great on grass and gravel. Definitely worth paying the extra in my opinion." SavedbyGrace, May 23, 2015


This is the best poop scoop we have found yet
I have 3 large to XXL breed dogs. This is the best poop scoop we have found yet! And for ky tall hubby the handle length is great!!! By Kacey M Hawkins on May 22, 2015


Great scoop! Nice design!
Took longer than expected to arrive (not the seller's fault). However once I got it I used it that day and cleaned up months worth of poop very quickly. The tines slide easily underneath the poop and through the grass very smoothly. Would definitely buy again, but the quality is so good that I will never have to! Thanks jibber gear! By Amazon Customer on May 15, 2015


This thing is terrific. Works amazingly and the craftsmanship looks made to ...
This thing is terrific. Works amazingly and the craftsmanship looks made to last. The long handle is a back saver for this tall guy. By E. Peterson on May 12, 2015


A Great purchase!
Love this pooper scooper! It has a long handle so there is no stooping over and the rake-like head works well for lifting the poop out of the grass. Very pleased with this product! By Trudie O'Riley on May 6, 2015


Last Scooper I’ll ever buy.
I am thoroughly impressed with this scooper, and I think this will last me the rest of my life! Solid construction, unbelievably simple and effective design. The only thing I'm trying to figure out is how did I not know about this sooner? There is a nice coated wire loop that allows it to be hung near your animals place of business. The only thing I did to it was spray the metal parts with CorrosionX, but that's just me and I do that with any metal object that is exposed to elements. I can't say enough great things about this scooper. Flawless!  By Insulin Man on April 12, 2015


Great quality and very well made. I really appreciated the small details that Jibber Gear put into their product and would highly recommend this scooper to anyone looking for one. Ron, May 7, 2015


I just used your product for the first time. Dare I say it was almost fun. I works very effectively and makes yard clean up easy. I have St Augustine grass, which often is tangled when it gets long. The tines slip easily through the grass and gets up everything. Thanks for creating this really stellar product. My yard has never been cleaner! By Walter B. on April 4


This is by far the best pooper scooper I have ever used, and I have used many.
With four German 
Shepherds at the moment, I am kept busy picking up after them. This is the first scooper that I have ever had that will stand up to "poopcicles" in the winter. It is sturdy and can even pick up soft stools. It seems that it, unlike most of the others I have tried, will last. I will be ordering another!” By Laura J. T., April 4, 2015


New Scooper!
I received my new scoop and I really don't think it could have worked any better. I gathered two full grocery sacks full in about an hour. I couldn't imagine how tired and frustrated I would have been using any other method. The grass was kinda long in places and it worked as advertised. I will buy another for my son-in-law as a gift later this year. You have a winner in this product. Keep up the good work. Thanks by Jay G. on March 28, 2015


on March 25, 2015
This scooper design is superior and unlike anything else on the market! Makes quick work of 6 dogs' worth of ... at our house! The product is ingenious, efficient and we'll never be without one! A must for every dog owner! Worthy of a 10-star rather than a 5-star endorsement! And talk about the customer service--well, it's phenomenal! Have yet to find a company that stands behind their product in the manner this company does! If the customer is not pleased, the company is not pleased! Wholeheartedly recommend this product. Why waste time looking at other inferior pooper scoopers when you've already found the best! The scooper is hand-made in the USA--with excellent workmanship and materials, and the price is reasonable, too. It will stand up to years of daily use. The best decision and purchase I could have ever made for such a necessary implement that sees use every single day of the year. Buy it! You won't regret your purchase!


Make your yard "toddler friendly" 
I never write reviews, and it seems silly to review a poop-scoop, but I must echo the other 5-star reviews. I own two large black labs who make large poo piles. We have a 1/2 acre backyard and a toddler. I was becoming worried about this spring/summer and our child walking in the backyard. After purchasing the grass fork from Jibber Gear, I was so anxious for the scooper to arrive. USPS definitely beat the shipping box up, but the fork was undamaged upon delivery. I appreciate the precaution made in wrapping the prongs of the fork so no one is injured while shipping or opening. As soon as I unwrapped the tool, I set out on a mission to the backyard.

90 minutes later, the yard looks so so great!! No more poop. As I was cleaning up, I made a promise to myself to do this at least twice a week to stay on top of the yard cleanliness. Healthy Grass:: The fork doubles as a "Grass Comb" which sounds silly -- but after a wet winter like we've had, not only was I removing poop, I was making my lawn healthy again by fluffing the grass. Long Handle-- a plus!! I've seen a few comments about the handle being too long. It's long, but I used the length to my advantage, as flinging poo is easy with the long handle!!

Thank you for the great product. By ashb on March 23, 2015


I received the awesome pooper scooper 2 days ago and love it!  I threw out the 2 sets of poop scoop contraptions we had been using for years with frustration.  Love it and will refer all my dog-lover friends!  I am very happy to support a  Fargo biz!  I ordered the scoop and had it the next day.  Thank you and best of luck for success! Lisa G. March 11, 2015


Great Americans. Thank you so much. I'm 6'6" tall and I feel like you were thinking of me! Made in USA! Thank you Thank you. David W. March 10, 2015

WOW what a Pooper Picker Upper.I have used other Poop Scoopers before and not very happy. This Pooper Scooper Grass Fork with Extra Long Handle and forks is the BEST I have ever used. Use the forks to get under the poop and it goes under and poop comes out. The forks are close and prevents the poop from falling between the forks, the forks also extend long enough to slid under some big piles. I will recommend this to all of my pet friends.

I also plan to purchase a second one as a gift for another friend. By Garry B. March 8, 2015


Works well and they stand behind their product, March 3, 2015

By D. Mello

This works really well separating the poop from the lawn. I've extensively tested this against a combination of labrador and St. Augustine grass. Where other products tend to spread or squish the poop into the grass blades this is able to lift and separate leaving minimal residue.

 Also worth noting the company has amazing customer service and fully stand behind the product in case s happens. They responded to a problem I had over the weekend and delivered me a fix by that Monday.


Great deal for a great picker upper:)

This appears to be built solid and going into the dog poo picking up business soon i am sure it will come in handy " No Pun intended:) By Charles R.L. February 27, 2015


Five Stars, February 23, 2015

By Tamborino

Works great!


Five Stars, February 22, 2015

By tony biel

love it


It's pretty awesome!,
I bought this based on the other Amazon feedback about it, and I'm very impressed. I've only used a plastic pooper scooper that was similar to this one, but did a very poor job. This thing, being made of metal, really shines with how durable it is. I have two big dogs and they both crap like a demon. This thing does the job and I can see it lasting for a very long time. I'm very happy with it! By Williams, February 17, 2015


I have yet to try this pooper scooper out so ..., February 14, 2015

By Ryan C. Morris (bountiful, ut) -   

I have yet to try this pooper scooper out so I will be back to update it after I try it out tomorrow. As far as the product itself, it looks to be made with very high quality material. It is lightweight and long enough for me to use without bending over (I am 5'10"). I am excited to wage war with my new weapon of choice as I have three siberian huskies and a winter-long worth of smelly poop sitting my backyard. Will return to update after I use it, but I am excited.

 Edit: I just finished clearing our backyard of our huskies' poop. Once I got the hang of using the scooper, it went really well! I am definitely pleased and am looking forward to no longer having to use a tiny little scooper, or having to bend down time and time again. Nice work Jibber Gear.


Having to scoop poo isn't fun, but this scooper makes dealing with 2 90lb, February 14, 2015

By TheMayhemRevolution

Having to scoop poo isn't fun, but this scooper makes dealing with 2 90lb. Dog's business no problem! Soft or firm this scooper handles it all!!! Excellent product!!! Highly recommend!!


Five Stars, February 11, 2015

By G. Spivey (Flagstaff AZ)

BEST poop scooper ever invented, Rake it, scoop it, stab it! it does a great job


Works Well, February 9, 2015

By Amazonista 

Works well in our chicken coop with pine shavings, but I think it would be even better in grass.


The Jibber Gear is one of a kind you don't want to be without!, February 4, 2015

By Max Errol (OBX North Carolina)

I already wrote a review months ago, but I have to emphasize again that the Jibber Gear is one of a kind. There is nothing else anywhere that can do the super job that this does. I simply hold the Jibber on the ground behind my dog and it catches everything!!! It's lightweight and easy to carry. My Jibber has rusted a bit but it still does the job.


Five Stars, January 26, 2015

By Donna K Sellers 



Great product! Great customer service!, January 25, 2015

By Eric Shults

Arrived with the handle broken. Contacted the seller and they immediately sent a replacement handle. Once the handle was installed it worked great! I was able to scoop a months worth of dog poop in less than 30 minutes. I will be recommending this product to all of my friends with pets.


Thanks for everything! Came home today and the fork was on my doorstep. Just used it and I honestly couldn't be happier. It works better than I imagined. Great product and great service! I'll be recommending jibber Gear to all my friends and family. Thanks again!  John  R., Jan 21 2015


I've been using Amazon for almost 5 years and never left a review, but because of the quality of this product and excellent customer service from Jibber Gear I felt it was an absolute must. The design of this is perfect, it slides under the poop, picks it up and allows the grass to move through the forks with minimal contact to the ground. Love it! Thanks JG!   jp, January 21, 2015


Wow, I am really glad I bought this form you guys. Made picking up my labrador's presents out of my St. Augustine grass much less messy. Thanks for making a great product. David M. January 15, 2015


By Far the best, I bought this 1 year ago after 3 duds. This picks up all dog poop , soft ,small , large. Best out there   Anne R. December 26, 2014


The guy behind it actually thought hard about how to do this particular job better instead of grinding out yet another minor var,

This thing is the Apple of pooper scoopers. The guy behind it actually thought hard about how to do this particular job better instead of grinding out yet another minor variant of all the others. And it really is a superior tool for the job. Easy to use with one hand while carrying a bucket with the other. Very neat and quick pickups after just a little practice.

 Also extraordinarily well crafted in every detail: the high quality metal tines, beautiful wood handle with burned-on branding, even Apple-like elegant, simple packaging and documentation. When I emailed with a few pre-purchase questions, I got probably the best customer service ever with a highly detailed and thoughtful reply. This thing is a bargain considering the design, craftsmanship, and service behind it. Even with four big dogs here, the Jibber makes yard clearance a breeze.

I love to see someone who has come up with something really great and is so passionate about his product. It might be a humble job, but it's necessary, and now it's (almost) fun. Salty  December 26, 2014


This is the only pooper scooper that I would recommend to anyoneWhen I got my first rescue dog, I received a Jibber Gear pooper scooper as a gift. I had been using a scoop that I bought at a local pet store and that was quickly retired to the back of the shed. The scoop from Jibber Gear is so much easier to use. The longer handle means I don’t have to bend down at all, and it doesn’t pull out any grass. It was important to me to have a heavy duty scooper…that wasn’t heavy! This is the only pooper scooper that I would recommend to anyone.  Alison H. December 4, 2014


Great product for my poopaholic four-legged friends!, I received mine in the mail today, and of course I've already used it! Having two dogs that poop constantly I have to scoop a few times each week. My least favorite thing to do by far, although this product makes it a lot better!  Hannah P. November 14, 2014


I actually bought this for lifting mats of pine needles out of flower and shrub beds and it works great. It would be an even-better special-purpose tool for this application if the tines were a bit longer and the rake were slightly wider. All in all, it's sturdy and well made both as a pooper-scooper and a pine needle remover.  E. A. Cox, November 28, 2014


These rakes rock! Well made, it gets the job done fast with no mess. I ordered 2 more of these for my sons dogs. Like the one I have, they will get a lot of use. Do not hesitate to get one. By far the best poop clean up tool available! Thanks again!   R. K., November 17, 2014


Great product for my poopaholic four-legged friends!Just received mine in the mail today, and of course I've already used it! Having two dogs that poop constantly I have to scoop a few times each week. My least favorite thing to do by far, although this product makes it a lot better!  H. Perez, November 14, 2014


No more back pain!!, I have been using the jibber scooper for roughly a month daily and I LOVE it! It saves back pain and makes it extremely easy to pick up the yard. My Mother uses it also and she says that without it she wouldn't be able to pick up the yard at all because of her back. We use it for small (10 lb dog) all the way up to big (150 lb dog) from dry to diarrhea and it is still able to work. It is sturdy also, has no problem ripping through thick grass. Works for short or tall people (5'10" to 5'). The tines occasionally bend but are able to be bent right back and it is very easy to clean (we hose it and dry it with a paper towel daily). Overall we are VERY pleased and appreciate this product! No more arguing who's turn it is to pick up, now we argue who gets to! Also, although we had no problems with this product their customer service seemed great! They sent an email saying if we had problems let them know and I emailed back and said thanks and they responded, which is rare! Very happy with this company.   Mel,  November 9, 2014 


"I have two dogs who need picked up after constantly. This works perfect. I drag the trash can around the yard with me and just scoop and drop. Excellent, high quality product."   Hecachm, November 4, 2014


If scooping can be fun, let's just say I am having the time ...Product works as promised and has gone beyond my expectations. If scooping can be fun, let's just say I am having the time of my life. Oh yeah, I have 4 dogs and serious chronic health issues. However, clean-up is a breeze. don't hesitate to make the purchase if i=in the market.    Baki October 25, 2014


"The package was slow going through the postal service (what else is new???) but it got here which is the important thing. Jay (the seller) kept track of it and kept in touch with me. A fine person!! This implement was obviously well thought out. The prongs hold the waste when you pick up and the handle feels nice in the hand. I'm sure it will hold out for a long time.                                                                                                                                                                                           Max Errol, October 13, 2014


"Although this pooper scooper is pricey it works great for me. I am handicapped (severe arthritis in my knees) but like to walk my small dog. This rake allows me to scoop up his small droppings from a distance so I don't have to climb into flowerbeds or over edges and curbs. Recommended for people with small dogs.       Margaret H., September 17, 2014


Works exactly like described. Very happy with the product."  Vanessa W., September 15, 2014


This is a great scooper! A must have for dog owners.Works really well in monkey grass.Shipping was quick and on time.Thanks"  R K., September 12, 2014


"I have been looking to replace for my old, falling apart Pooper Scooper for a long time before I found this. It FAR exceeds the old one and I'm thrilled to have found it. Always nice to make an unpleasant job easier! Patti, August 29, 2014


"Shipped fast and good communication. Great seller! Daniel M, August 16, 2014


We have 3 houses and 2 dogs plus 7 more with our children ! Your pooper scoopers are FAR and away the best I have ever seen...others not even close.  Chad G.  September 3, 2014


The BEST pooper scooper we've ever owned, By far...the BEST pooper scooper we've ever owned. And with 4 dogs, we've owned a lot! It's extremely strong steel forks and big bolt connecting the extra long handle, is a genius and yet simple design. By Donna B. August 22, 2014


Five Stars, Great quality. Made in America. This manufacturer also has great customer service. by Abern, August 14 2014


Five Stars, Gift for my husband, he has 2 labradors. He loves the scooper! by Kagunder, August 6 2014


Well executed design., This is worth every dime i paid for it. picks up in grass beautifully, but also on gravel when the need arises. simple design, well executed. stop buying the plastic junk that breaks immediately. by C.M. July 30, 2014


This is simply the best poop scoop available, This is simply the best poop scoop available. Sick of flinging poop against your shins with the poo rakes? Tired of smooshing it into the grass with the clampers? Then try the jibber gear poop scooper. You slide the prongs under and lift up. Picks up soft and hard waste and gets under all of it through the grass so no smearing mess leftover on the grass. For years we thought there had to be a better, easier way and this is it. I no longer hate picking up doo, but still can't say I love it! Great design, well thought out. by Jessica L. July 18, 2014


Great Product!,  I give this item 5 stars!! I waited til I received it to clean up the backyard so the grass had grown quite long but the Pooper Scooper worked great. I had to jiggle it a little bit to pick every pile up completely but when I mowed the lawn It worked effortlessly. This is a great product and I would definitely recommend it to anyone with a dog. I also found it works great to pick up the cat waste deposited in my flower beds! I just can't say enough good things about this product. It makes the poop pickup chore so much easier! by JeriP U. June 30, 2014


Happy Customer,  As the snow melted away this spring, revealing a winters worth of soggy poop we knew we needed some assistance. After doing some scouting we found Jibber Gear and are very happy with our purchase, after removing the mess our grass was left clean and healthy and our hands clean. High quality durable product. by Amanda M., June 26 2014


Jibber gear poop scooper, An amazing product. Jibber gear revolutionized the poop scoop business. Great quality product. I would recommend this to all who are looking for an easy to use, dependable scooper. by Kelly June 26, 2014


 You'll love to scoop poop…no kidding!, Poop scooping was smelly, painful and just plain gross using my garden trowel and revolting collection bucket. I despised the bending, looking at and cleaning the trowel mooshed in poop and touching the smelly bucket that I had to carry with me during this vile ritual. I tried to pretend that I didn't see poop piles in the yard until my husband would step in them and picked up that trowel and cleaned them up himself.


Now, I do all the scooping, thanks to this Jibber Gear fork. The extra-long handle eliminates bending while the tined fork lifts poop effortlessly through the grass below it. You can pick up even more than one pile which balances easily on the tines. (I have two thirteen pound dogs.) What ever you collect slips easily into a bucket or garbage can.

 Honestly, I LOVE this scooper because the long handle that eliminates bending also keeps the poop far enough from your nose so that you can't smell it. As a user-friendly bonus, the scoop has a handy, large, attached hoop which makes it easy to hang when you are done using it. I have used it for a few months now and have not felt the need to clean it yet. The poop slides off easily, leaving no residue on the tines.

 I not only love this scooper but I now enjoy using it to clean up my yard. No more poop for my husband to step in and no more scooping for him!!! by Lilly's Dog Mom, June 2014


Super duper Pooper Scooper!, Works even for our cats! Got annoyed with our cats in the backyard - finally something which works. It has a very smart big loop at the end of the handle, so you have it over your forearm, which balances the whole thing easy. by RI#4ev, June 15, 2014


VERY well made, I bought this last season for our new house. With snow on the ground, it is perfect for picking up poop. The reason I gave it only four stars is that it doesn't rake through the grass as well as through the snow. by Jennifer M. May 16, 2014


 Wonderful tool for people with back issues, I love my jibber gear pooper scooper i have 2 german sheperds and have had several back surgeries and i am able to clean up the poop without bending. its very durable. i like the fact its made here is usa thank you. by Anne, May 15, 2014


Pooh picker upper,  This is solidly made and picks up the pooh easily. I keep it outside so it's starting to rust quickly and will need a good spray of clear coat on the long handle, but I'm still happy with it. Especially since it's American made.. by Brook, May 5 2014


Ever think scooping would be fun?, OK. So it still isn't "fun" but it certainly is easier with this little scooper do-hickey. Works like a rake that sifts through the blades of grass to lift the debris only. No mushing and no residue. Yay. I scoop for Giant breed dogs so a clean yard is very important to me. This rake works!! by Rosyln P "Great Danish" April 4, 2014


Well Made Scooper and priced right!, After going through several pooper scoopers (jaw type, rake type), I ordered the Jibber Gear Poop Scoop. It is a well made product and I greatly appreciate the personal email the company sent to me- thanking me for purchasing their product and to let me know that it was on its way. This scooper does help the back- no more bending over! It works great in the part of my yard that is rocky and has native grass. Unfortunately, if you have a yard with grass that sends out runners (St. Augustine for example), then this will not work for you. The tines of the scooper get caught in the runners. In this part of my yard I resort to bending and picking up with rubber gloves. Another person posted that he wished that the scooper was wider. I agree that a wider scoop would work much better since I do have two large dogs. The piles tend to be larger. But overall, I would purchase this product again. It is well made and priced right. Oh, and made in the USA!!! by Jill Y. March 31, 2014


Pooper Scooper, Didn't realize that it had an extra long handle and haven't used it enough to know if I like/dislike the length..... love the rake part, get's all poo up and doesn't yank out the grass!! by Paricia H. March 27, 2014


Great, I have used this for the past few months. I have a relatively small yard but get frequent use as I have two dogs. This rack works well, I am surprised that it picks up both wet or solid waste. by James March 4, 2014 


I love my Jibber Gear Pooper Scooper! With a Doberman and Boxer, I consider it indispensable. Susan D June 14 2014


Great Company!  What do you say about a company that honors its guarantee even when you admit that it's your fault that the product broke? (Dropped from 10ft onto concrete) Wow! Great product, great company, wish there were more like it. Retired Prof, February 25, 2014


By far - better than anything else I have come across. I must have looked at 100 different scoopers on line and in stores and this is quality. It is not cheap but, I would have saved a lot of money if I went with this in the first place. D. A. CHRISTIAN, February 9, 2014


I love my new scooper! I am disabled and it makes clean-up easy! The handle is long, no need to bend over, and it is very light. It works great in the snow, a lot better then a shovel.    Trudy, February 5, 2014


This is without a doubt THE BEST feces removal device EVER! We just rescued a Great Dane, and she is getting fattened up after being malnourished. Her poop runs the gamut from solid to very soft while she is getting used to not having to scavenge and her new diet. This scooper is perfectly designed to pick it all up without destroying our lawn. Highly recommend! Dave G December 10, 2013


Super, super, super product. Only wish I had found you before trying all the other pieces of junk that just pretend to be pooper scoopers. Believe it or not, when we have friends over with their dogs, they fight over who gets to pick up the poop because they love using The Jibber! Etsy Annonymous August 25, 2013


Scooper is life changing! Like magic, no rolls, smears, missing grass. Love it! Susan D August 2, 2013


You would think a guy wouldn't be too excited about a Pooper Scooper to write a review about it...Actually, I'm more excited about good companies that build good products that do what they say they will do. Basically, I'm loyal to those that do it the right way.

 That said - I did my homework before buying this product. Several google searches, reading reviews, etc...We have a big dog. A 170lb, 2 year old, Great Dane to be exact...We raw feed him. 4 lbs a day. He poops, imagine that. For years we've always bought the one handed, spring action, plastic pooper scoopers the bigger box stores sell...The handle always breaks - always. Our last one just broke, it was time to buy another one. Believe it or not, we were ready to buy another plastic one, hoping a different brand this time would do the job... WE DIDN'T !!! Thank goodness I found this one...The JIBBER GEAR, WOOD, LONG HANDLED METAL GRASS RAKE....

 Folks - no need to buy anything else. I'm shooting you straight...The design is simple. The Metal rake combs through the grass to get underneath the poop with ease....You might not think so when you look at pic's online, but it does...WAY WAY better than what the spring action plastic ones at bigger box stores are selling....sometimes those things mash the poop in the plastic carriage when you're trying to pick it up....NOT this one, it goes underneath the poop, threw the grass with ease...LOVE IT...

JIBBER GEARs claims are legit !!! When price = value,,,,people buy! We bought and we see the value..... The review is to help you.. Written buy a customer, for a customer....You won't be disappointed.... Great product.... 5 stars indeed...Yes, all that for a Pooper Scooper....The company earned my 5 stars, I felt compelled to say so.... Keith29  July 14, 2013


Good Morning, Just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for making such a quality product.  The construction of the scooper and handle is OUTSTANDING.  I have used the scooper in high grass, weeds, and wood chips - all with ease and 'picking up' success.  It is easy to use and very quick and easy to clean.  I just spray it with the hose outside and no mess - hands free!  THANK YOU also for your great communications and speedy shipping.  Mom, Dad, kids, and dogs are all happier with our cleaner yard thanks to your scooper. All the best and I hope your company takes off! Daniela


“After having a little while to get used to it, I agree with your assessment that this is the finest pooper scooper you can buy. I was getting really frustrated having to replace cheap plastic junk at least once a year, I am now as happy as a scooper can be. It takes a little getting used to, but once you figure it out, it works wonderfully. The best thing is I can now scoop up poop that has been flattened by lawn mower. Kudos”   Tom T.


Big shout out to Jibber Gear Poop Scoops! I wasted a lot of start up capital money trying to figure out what works best for my business to scoop poop. I wish this was the first scooper I tested out! I love this thing. Even though I questioned the size at first sight. This scoop is amazing! Its plays an important role in my business! Thanks! PUPS A Dog Waste Removal Service


I got one of your poop rakes! I'm very satisfied with it. I noticed before I choose your device that the local pet store had several, most more expensive. some required 2 hands. I noticed the construction on the store models has a blue theme which is not to my liking. I also noticed none had the right combination of length and function to achieve the right usability result. some were grabbers that required me to bend over. I've had back surgery and your tool is the only device that works for me. Your Jibber Gear is one handed, elegant, and does not require I bend over. You have changed a drudgery into an enjoyable activity. Really. The right tool for the job. Thank you for your quality scooper! You put some fun back into having a big dog. Robert B.


We use ours every day - with 3 dogs, it is a necessary tool.  Our dogs are different sizes and this handy tool works for all 3.  Works on grass as well as mulched areas, too.  Just scoop and toss.  This is the best tool for the job we've ever had, and we've tried them all.  It's important to us that it's made to last.  And the added ring at the top is a nice "plus".  Just hang it up when you're done.  It has made life easier and isn't that what a good tool is supposed to do. Nancy N.


Just wanted to let you know that I love the Pooper Scooper. It's by far the best I have ever used.  I am 6'2" and the long handle is very helpful. I am also a landscaper and care very much about my turf grass. Your scooper works well to get under the piles, even smushed ones, and removes them cleanly without tearing up my lawn.  A.T. & the Boxers


Your innovative animal waste tool is far more efficient and clean then the "scoopers" we are accustomed to. I wish I would have discovered this device years ago!  Bob G. Fort Worth, TX


The scooper just arrived and if you can imagine 2 adults being like 'kids @ Christmas' well, that's what it is!  When the lady at the post office brought out the box, I was shocked at how "...long handle..." could be THAT LONG!  It's perfect and the the rear angle and scoop angles on the side are a marvelous design.  No longer will this stand in the weather, but under the porch cover and no more bending over!  It works just as you claimed.  Worth every penny and a real boon to animal lovers of the world! Thank you!  Mr. & Mrs. A


I was excited to buy this scooper because it looked much sturdier than the scoopers in the big box stores and it is made in the USA. My husband was skeptical until he used it. He was impressed with how well it works and the high quality. A really important step to remember when using this is to move the fork side ways through the grass when pulling up. Also, helps if the lawn is shorter and not soaked in rain but does work in high grass. Of course in Washington that happens very infrequent. Definitely a great purchase. I highly recommend.  Misshwya


I absolutely love this scooper. I even clean up after the three dogs rather than having the kids do it.  Thanks for making it so easy even a mom can do it!  Linda S.


This scoop is sturdy with a long handle and can grab any doggy pile in grass or twigs. I love the one handed operation and did not want a scoop that required two hands (a sweeper and a shovel). They seem much more difficult to clean. This is the BEST scoop anywhere and a great value for the price.  Mom of 3


Just wanted to say thank you for producing an innovative, quality product. The scooper works awesomely in our water-logged Oregon yard. Our new puppy has had his share of tummy issues as we've found a food that agrees with him. The combo of his "issues" and winter rain makes for a less than pleasant clean-up experience. The Jibber Gear handles the mess with ease, no matter how much rain we've received or how unhappy puppy's tummy has been. I never thought I'd be a spokesperson for a pooper-scooper, but I'll gladly spread the word to anyone who's shopping for such a tool. This is the best. Corrie G.


Want to thank you again...your scooper has worked well for me, my two Labradors and my Beagle. It performed perfectly, it hangs on a nail outside my dog run and has been exposed to the elements since I purchased it. It looks great and still brand new in appearance. It has been used everyday in all types of weather and has performed perfectly well. I plan on purchasing another just to have as a backup...plan on getting another Lab to add to the family also... Regards, Dan I


I love my poop scooper, it is the best I've ever used! Keep up the great work! My dog and I thank you for making our lives so much easier!  Daniel


This is a brilliant product that combines simplicity with functionality. It's ergonomic with its long handle (no more bending over), and it quickly gets the job done. Thanks Jibber Gear! We love our pooper scooper!  Laura Z.


Know what you get when you cross 7 months of winter with the daily-doings of one 70 pound lab? One GREAT BIG clean-up mess! I never thought I'd say this but "I LOVE MY POOPER-SCOOPER". We got the Jibber Gear "Everyday" model and I couldn't believe what a back-saver this turned out to be. I've used a short-handled rake in the past--one of those with the small tines that fall out after a few uses--and it just killed my back. Not to mention that I had to pick everything up twice because that small rake couldn't hold anything. Your scooper is fantastic. With the longer handle and decent sized tines, I was able to clean the yard in less than half the time...and best of all, IT SAVED MY BACK! Thank you for your well designed product.  Bruce H.


Received your product today, looks great well made, thanks. I have three dogs that have a run area to do their business. Its a gravel area covered with mason sand. The rake will be perfect for my needs thanks again. Dan I.


Great product! I have suffered with back pain and the long handle allows me to stand straight up and saves on my back! It goes through long grass easily.  Mike W.


Thanks so much for this! I love my pooper scooper. The tines just comb the piles out of the grass! And then the piles dump off into the trash so easily. It's SOOOOO much easier than with any other scooper I've used.  Stevie M.


Love the scooper! It picks up the piles without smearing them. We have a big dog and a little dog and it works great for both size piles!!  Trudy W.


Love this product (even though it's a crappy job to do). Thanks for designing such a great pooper scooper! I wish your company well as you have such a fantastic product! Danni H.


The best thing since sliced bread! This thing works great! I'm tall and I always hated other poopers scoopers because I always had to bend over, with this I no longer have to. It even works great in thick grass. It's light weight and simple, awesome product!!  Ben S.


Excellent product! Mine arrived today. Very impressed. I'm spreading the word far and wide. Certainly makes one wonder why we've been living in the doggie dark ages for so long. Thanks for your sharp idea, perfect implementation, and quick delivery.  Fiona K.


I was really attached to my plastic grabber pooper scooper, but once I used the Jibber Gear one, I haven't gone back...it's our "go to" pooper scooper now!  Chris Z.


Best Pooper Scooper available. Will never need to buy another, Andyman5001

Awesome product! Best ever owned, we have 3 dogs. Highly recommend! MADE IN USA!  jzthomas

I have 4 dogs. This is the best scooper EVER. I mean that. Shipped oddly fast! puppy_belly


Love it! It works SO GOOD! Thanks! FAST shipping!   jenniferb

Very professional company with a product that I love. Thanks!   wtaylor28

What an awesome invention. Can pick up and hold multiple doo doos, love it!   benito008

FABULOUS tool! Great folks to do business with. Made in USA!!!!! sheepie4

I love this item. It is exactly what i was looking for. I recommend it. cidra74

Excellent seller, very fast shipping Janello555


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