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Two Models To Choose From:

The Natural Pooper Scooper
The Natural Poop Scoop - $38.00
   The Everyday Pooper Scooper
The Everyday Poop Scoop - $46.00

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Jibber Gear Scooper are guaranteed against breakage and manufacture defects for as long as you own your scooper. For full refund, replacement or repair return you pooper scooper to us. (Return shipping is not reimbursed).


Jibber Gear Pooper Scooper Reviews 

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Best Product Ever for Scooping Up Poop :-)

By wcs1958 on April 8, 2016

You can't go wrong with this product. I have never been able to find a tool like this that would hold up until now! I am going on 4 years with my scooper and appreciate the quality of this unit.


Came across this & it is even better than the one I had-long wooden handle

By Deb on April 6, 2016

Was looking for a "mini manure fork" since I found one at a local tack store, now out of business. And the mini-fork finally broke apart. Came across this & it is even better than the one I had-long wooden handle, raised sides to hold dog poop in the scoop, just perfect! We have 3 rescue dogs (down from 6!) ranging from a Great Dane to a mini-Doxie & this scoop takes care of it all. Highly recommend. Worth the money!!!!!


Great Product, great seller

By James G. Moore on April 6, 2016

I ordered this product to try and deal with goose poop on our lawn that backs along a river where the geese congregate. The scooper arrived yesterday and I immediately put it to use, and I was very pleasantly surprised at how well it worked. The handle is long so you don't need to bend over, and the tines slide effortlessly through the grass. I love this product and will recommend it to friends who need any kind of pooper scooper. I also had a number of questions for the seller/manufacturer and he quickly responded and answered all of my questions. He was more than gracious and very helpful.


Amazing scooper. I never would have thought that scooping ...

By Sbarrelgirl on March 31, 2016

Amazing scooper. I never would have thought that scooping could be this easy! This scooper is very easy to use and picks up what most scoopers may leave behind. Buy with confidence from an exceptional seller and know that this is well made and will last you many many years. Enjoy!


Very happy with my purchase

By KE on March 29, 2016

Very happy with my purchase! I was searching for a tool that I was able to use without bending forward and this does the job beautifully.I love the long handle while still being light weight. I was able to resume chores sooner while healing from a disc injury. Seller has put a lot of thought into the making of this tool and I would definitely purchase from him again!


Five Stars

By shaun Sampson on March 18, 2016

Great poopy getter.


Works so great!

By Zach Beaudry on March 10, 2016

We have had our scooper for a couple years now--- I won't even try another kind! This one works awesome!!


Simply the Best!

By Carla L.on March 7, 2016

I have a Great Dane so you can imagine that I need an effective tool for the job. This is the best pooper scooper out there. I actually left it out one day and my crazy dog chewed the handle up but I loved it enough to spend the money to purchase another one.


This Jibber Gear poop scooper is great for picking up DUCK POOP too

By linen53 on January 19, 2016

This Jibber Gear poop scooper is great for picking up DUCK POOP too! On the rake I was using, the tines were to far apart and the looser poops would fall through. So I'd have to wait until the poop dried so I could properly scoop it up. With the Jibber Gear scooper I don't have to wait. I can clean my duckyard when I want. The angle of the tines are perfect for scooping. Another issue I was concerned about was that my duckyard is covered with pea gravel. But with just a tiny bit of a giggle the pea gravel falls through while the poop remains on the scooper. Additionally, the sides each have an elevated tine so the poop won't roll off. And it's made in America.


Perfect product by an honorable company!!!!

By Amazon Customer on January 9, 2016

This scooper works great! Just as promised! The long handle removes any back issues. The tines are strong and get all the poop out of grass as well as keeps any from flipping up. This scooper is easy to use, sturdy and has become the only scooper we will use. The customer service is amazing and quick to respond to any questions or issues. A product that fulfills fully what it promises to do, made by a company that stands behind its product fully!


Easy to use!

By Barbara Purkey on January 4, 2016

Good little pooper scooper!


Best Pooper Scooper EVER!

By Amazon Customer on December 30, 2015

I bought this for my son because I have a very similar pooper scooper from another company. I am shocked that more pet stores don't sell these because they are the absolute best!!!! Picks up any type of poop there is! You don't have to bend over and smell it or get it on you! Love, love, love it! Yes, it is a bit expensive but worth every penny!!!!!


Best scooper EVER!

By Maryanne on December 27, 2015

This is the best pooper scooper ever!! We bought 2 of them six months ago and purchased another 2 this past week to give as gifts. Customer service "Jay" is amazing. One of the handles arrived damaged from rough shipping but a replacement was sent immediately. Anyone who has dogs, this is the best tool you'll ever need. Love it!!


Five Stars

By MJL on December 17, 2015

Very pleased with product and arrival time. Thank you!



By CJ1042 on December 9, 2015

Finally a scooper that works. Works even in the lawn when the grass is too long and wet.


5 STAR not 4 1/2

By Amazon Customer on November 18, 2015

Why is this scooper not rated 5 stars?! Put this scooper to the Pepsi challenge vs ANY product out there and nothing comes close. I currently scoop poop full time 50 houses per week and I've tried every scooper out there so I can tell you that this is the best scooper. The quality of this scooper is a 10. It feels SOLID not flimsy like the other crap on the market. It's worth double the price its selling for. You will not need another scooper. What makes this scooper great is that it's easy to use, super durable, and works on all dogs poops (loose stools and well formed ones) not just the easy ones. This scooper even gets out the poop that landscapers run over and smoosh into the lawn because it gets underneath the pile. It's best used with a small garbage can or small bucket. I simply put a garbage bag into a small bucket or garbage can and dump each pile right in. Compared to the other scoopers I've owned, this scooper has worked way better for me and lasted YEARS!! It's also super easy to clean, by spraying it off with the hose once I a while. You can use it with one hand or two hands if you need extra force. It's a very nice very easy scooper to use. Recommended it to all my friends and family and they're very happy with it. Plus I emailed the guy just to tell him how great his product is. It turns out he hand makes each one right here in USA. God bless.


This scoop is great, excellent craftsmanship.. my only complaint is the delivery was almost 2 weeks overdo.. but that is not the fault of the seller. I would recommend this scoop to anyone. You will never use anything else once you use this... Beezie50, October 31, 2015


This is THE BEST pooper scooper out there! By SavedbyGrace on October 18, 2015, This is THE BEST pooper scooper out there! I had been searching for years to find this. My parents had an old version similar to this product and it truly works the best. We have no issues picking up poop on grass or gravel. I also like that the surface area is limited so less poop sticks after scooping. If you're searching for a scooper, look no further! Its worth the price!


Super Duper Scooper,  By Klincolnshire Ken on September 30, 2015, Great scooper. We have two big dogs so we get a lot of use out of this! Best scooper we've had. Seems very well made and does a great job scooping the poop out of our backyard lawn.


Great design. Well Made.
I purchased this after reading a lot of reviews. I love it. It's sturdy, and very well made. I also love that I'm supporting a small business in America. The angle is great, you don't really have to bend over at all, and it doesn't damage the grass. Great pooper scooper!!  By Heather WJ. on August 25, 2015


"Very well made scooper.”   Satisfied customer, August 24, 2015


Best Scooper Ever!
You get what you pay for and this is the cadillac of pooper scoopers! Well worth the cost compared to the cheaper metal and plastic models on the market. I stopped using the cheap plastic ones with the squeeze grip because they are uncomfortable to grip especially if you have a smaller hand grip and they inevitably break. Eventually I went with the rake model and found most bent easily or the tines broke and the handles were either too short or all metal and not ergonomic at all. After 20 years as a dog owner and many woes in scooping poop, the Jibber Gear Pooper Scooper has finally solved all of my problems! The extra long, round wood handle is comfortable and works for all heights and hand grips. The angle of the scoop allows for quick pick up. Saving the best part of the review for last is the scoop itself! Solid is the one word I would use to describe it. It is solidly made and I can see this lasting for a very long time. The scoop size is great with the two side tines slightly raised as well as the back piece so nothing rolls off. Nothing but positive praise to sing about this product! My two dogs thank you because it is so very easy to keep their yard clean now.  By Mari8 on August 18, 2015 


Well Made
I purchased one of these a few days ago and i LOVE it!! Really great product from a excellent dealer. Thanks again Jibber!  By Sojourner on August 10, 2015


Well designed, Highly functional and VERY solidly made.
Great product... really, really well made (will keep doing its job for years to come). Have two golden doodles and this will help out immensely in keeping the dog pen clear of "mines". The working end of this product features strong metal tines securely welded to the frame and then attached with solid nut/bolt to the stick. Works great... easily picks up the poop, and is wide enough to keeps it in place for 'transportation' ... long stick keeps the poop far away. Will be buying more for friends / family with dogs.  By Guy A. B. on June 30, 2015


We love our new Jibber Gear pooper scooper!
It is So practical. We have two small dogs with small turds so this type of scooper makes it easier to pick up. My 6'2" hubby loves the long handle so no more stooping over. We also appreciate the high quality of the product. Thank you so much for creating such a helpful and quality product. Susanne, July 3, 2015


"This is the one to get for large dogs.”  Michael H., June 29, 2015


"Well worth the money" 
This is an excellent pooper scooper to use on grass. The best I have ever used. Would definitely buy again. Would recommend for any dog owner with a yard.”  Caroline K., June 21, 2015


Great Product
 I have owned this scooper for several months and I love it so much. My back no longer kills me after the daunting task of poop scooping'. I have tried and own many other products for this task but this is the Scooper I always use. By Macey on June 15, 2015.


After you try this.......
after you try this scooper, you'll never need another one. The best one I've had over 20 years of owning dogs. By Bobby ST on June 12, 2015.


I love that it even picks up wet loads
Prongs can be a bit to wide for puppy poop, but I love that it even picks up wet loads. I'm guessing the puppy poop will become larger as she ages! Would recommend to a friend...By Lori O. "Bflo Mom"on June 5, 2015


"Super fast delivery.
Looks exactly like what is in the picture. Seems sturdy. I haven't used it yet, 
but if it lifts mastiff poop, then it'll work for anyone." NurseSmartyPants, June 5, 2015


"Best "pooper scooper" ever!
My parents had one similar to this when I was growing up and I’ve
been looking for years. I've finally found it! Don't waste your money on a "claw" or shovel scoop.
This works great on grass and gravel. Definitely worth paying the extra in my opinion." SavedbyGrace, May 23, 2015


This is the best poop scoop we have found yet
I have 3 large to XXL breed dogs. This is the best poop scoop we have found yet! And for ky tall hubby the handle length is great!!! By Kacey M Hawkins on May 22, 2015


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